Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Day 1

Or night 1 rather. I have decided to work out at nights! I honestly don't have time or the energy to do it in the morning. My body just feels so stiff. Your muscles are more relaxed and your oxygen intake in better during the evening/night as well! 

Skinny to Fit!

From here on, I will post my workout progress from being skinny to fit! I've tried many different things, from eating a lot, to eating junk food everyday to gain weight, but what I noticed was that I shouldn't be gaining fat, but do it the healthy way and gain muscle! 

To achieve this I will obviously start working out and eating healthy rather than pig out on junk food!  

I will also be posting my meals when I can ( hopefully I won't forget! ). 

Monday, May 25, 2015

Workout Inspo!

Is it only me who has this obsession about workout clothes? I get more excited buying these than anything else! Here's some workout outfits I've put together just to give you a little inspiration for the next time you go out sports shopping! 

1. Feeling Fresh

Here's an outfit for those days where you just wanna wear something super comfy and go out for a jog. Nothing like a nice grey pair of sweatpants!

2. Cutiepatootie

Just one of those days where you wanna look and feel cute while working out! I don't know about you but this would look great during those summer/spring workout sessions.

3. Minimal Monkey

If you don't already know, black, grey and white is what I'm all about. Not only are they my favorite colors; literally my whole closet are based off of those three colors! This would totally be my everyday workout clothes. What about you? 

4. Beach Bums

For those girls who just loves to soak up the sun. Here's an outfit I've put together for a morning run by the beach. Nothing like the salty air in your hair! Okay, that was lame...

So, let me know if you liked this post and would like to see more inspos!

 Stay Fit and Foolish :)